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Ria World Italia Srl

Ria World Italia srl is a young and dynamic company founded in 2007 by Tino Paggiaro, a figure present for over 45 years in the automotive world.

Riatec is the brand and the logo of the Ria world Italia Srl, born to design and search in the varius markets, more and more innovative products.

The company specializes in the field of lighting and offers a complete range of products for all cars, trucks and motorcycles.

The new products are tested by technicians to ensure customers the highest quality and reliability. Some codes have been designed directly by Riatec and have been patented.


  • MOD 6602

    LED Beacon
  • MOD 392

    Sill led kit with projector and filmware


  • MOD 608

    Canbus 12V

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