About us


Who we are…

The company was established in Thessaloniki, in 1967, a family business involved in the commerce of filters and other car parts.

After a long presence in the field, the family’s new generation enters the company in 1980 and helps expand the activities by undertaking the exclusive representation of foreign companies in Greece.

Inthe following years, more represented companies are added and the product range promoted in the Greek market grows remarkably. A variety of marketing and after-sales services are also introduced to further assist clients.

Today, Ancom offers an interesting and complete services package for the spare part industry.

What we do…

Our office offers a complete service package to companies who are looking to:


Ancom collaborates with companies that offer high quality products. Together we create an offer adjusted to both the clients’ and the market’s needs.
There is also the possibility of conducting market research for new products or services of interest to the Greek market.


Ancom constructs the strategy and marketing plan for product export in Europe and the rest of the world.

  • market research
  • marketing plan
  • price strategy
  • branding
  • advertising


Ancom’s clients and collaborators network reaches many different parts of Greece. Our company is able to suggest and construct your network based on your strategy’s goals.


Ancom can find and implement solutions and new projects that could help increase your sales.

How we do it…

  • Customer focus

    Special attention is given to customers’ individual needs in order to achieve a fruitful and pleasant cooperation.

  • Quality management

    Ancom chooses to represent companies that pay great attention to the quality of their products.

  • Transparency

    All information, procedures and transactions are handled with transparency and clear terms.

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