Rare problem found in supply units 76531 and 76532

In some rare cases, after the installation of fuel supply units 76531 and 76532 the fuel is not pumped even though the pump is running.

This can be caused to the fact that the one way valve, that is located in the suction tube, is blocked. This may occur in cases of long storage periods, after which the valve plate dries and gets stuck to its seat. Read more »

New EASY Boot for CV joints (code: 01596)

The New EASY boot 01596 is designed to replace damaged joint covers in a quick and
simple way. Due to its opening feature, it can be easily installed directly over the joint,
without the need to disassembly the axle shaft or to do any other reassemply
operations concerning the forecarriage. Read more »

Meat&Doria chemicals

A great variety of chemical and additives for the proper care of your engine.

Fuel sender unit VOLVO S40/ V40

Replacement of the swirl pot in the complete assemply

72154–> 72497, 72155–> 72498
This information is compiled and distributed by SIDAT SPA technical office.