Fuel sender unit VOLVO S40/ V40

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Replacement of the swirl pot in the complete assemply

72154–> 72497, 72155–> 72498
This information is compiled and distributed by SIDAT SPA technical office.


  • 1 Unplug the two gauge terminals and the two pump terminals under the flange
  • 2 Unclip the swirl pot (3 clips) and separate the pot from the pump support.
  • 3 With the flange upside down on the table, press the pump support to release the retainer washer and cut it.
  • 4 Cut the clamp under the flange and unplug the corrugated hose.
  • 5 Remember to keep the indexation spring on the return pipe and re-use the flange for the repaired module.
  • 6 Take the new lower assemply with the clamp.
  • 7 Insert the plastic hose on the feeding nipple and fasten the clamp with an appropriate tool. Insert the 2 flange tubes
  • 8 Plug the 2 gauge terminals and the 2 pump terminals under the flange.
  • 9 You have now repaired the module using OE parts. You helped preserve the environment.

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