Filter Division Review #1: The effect of Air and Oil filters on your engine

July 9, 2014

MEAT&DORIA‘s Filter Division review #1 is now available. This first review is about the effect of Air and Oil filters on an engine’s proper function and the importance of their timely replacement, in agreement with the manufacturer’s instructions, so that engine damage of any kind can be anticipated and prevented.

Moreover, in this review you can be informed about the impressive new Oil filter 15318/3 by MEAT&DORIA applicable to 346 cars and 5 commercial vehicles, about the Cabin filters offered in Multibox by the italian company, about its pages in Facebook and Twitter where you can get familiar with every new product on a daily basis and about the Filter Division hashtag, #mdfd, that keeps you up to date with anything filter – related!

Finally, you can take a look to every new filter added to MEAT&DORIA‘s range and the Catalogue for its new TURBO range, including, Core AssyVariable Geometry Nozzle Kits and Turbo Gasket Kits, just by clicking on the relative banners!

Check out Filter Division Review #1 here!

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