January 14, 2014

The Ozone generator is a device which uses Ozone to eliminate bacteria and viruses inside a vehicle’s cabin. It can also remove bad odors, such as smoke odors from the cabin and tapestries of the vehicle. The ozone generator insures hygiene and sanitation by eliminating all pathogens to humans.

How it works?

The device uses Ozone in a sophisticated way. Ozone’s efficiency for sanitation is well known. This is why it is often used for many cases of hygiene control usually with a brief and efficient intervention. One of the reasons that make Ozone very efficient is its penetrating abilities in areas that are inaccessible by other sanitation systems. Furthermore it doesn’t leave any trace, because it transforms into Oxygen.


The Coccinella Sanicar, besides the sanitation that it offers, it also removes insects such as crickets, wasps, mites, flies and mosquitos.

Minimum cost for maximum result.

The use of the Ozone generator is efficient and economical because the sanitization of the vehicle costs only a few cents and the device doesn’t have maintenance costs.

It is compact (dimensions: 20X25X28 cm) with small weight (4kg), so it is portable and easy to store. It is quiet and its function is quick (typical cycle is 15minutes) while electrical consumption is very low (250watt during a cycle).

Using the device:

  • We place the device in the center of the passenger cabin on a solid spot.
  • We must not block the air inlet and outlet at the back and bottom of the device.
  • We turn on the air condition system of the vehicle, with the air in the recycle mode with closed windows and doors.
  • It is important that no one remains inside the vehicle during the sanitization (Ozone inhalation is harmful for humans and animals)
  • After the sanitization cycle we must ventilate the cabin with fresh air for at least 3 minutes before we enter.
  • Usage time for passenger cars: 10 minutes, for light trucks and vans: 15 minutes and for bigger trucks (8m3 or more): 20 minutes.
  • Maximum allowed time for continuous use is 99 minutes.

Minimum operating temperature: 2 οC

Maximum operating temperature: 40 οC

Maximum air volume to be treated: 60 m3/h


Guarantee: 12 months

Materials: INOX and PVC


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