EGR Valve 7518136

We often receive complaints about this motorized throttle model. The most common complaints are the following:

  • The vehicle gets into recovery mode
  • Incorrect function of the thottle unit
  • Error P0638 occurs “throttle valve control – open circuit”

These defects can not be attributed to a manufacturing defect of the motorized throttle valve, which is built with the quality standard of an original equipment product.

If you experience the above problems it is advisable to firstly perform the following type of testing: Read more »

Parking Sensors

HOFFER recently added to its wide range of sensors, a new category, the parking assistance sensors. This type of sensor is normally mounted on the front and the rear bumpers of vehicles, already as first equipment and operates with radar technology. Read more »

High Pressure Fuel Pump

The high pressure pump (also called “injection pump”) is a mechanical part of the injection system, which has the task of receiving the fuel from the fuel supply circuit and place it under pressure before entering the injectors rail.

Why an injection pump pressurizes the fuel? Because gasoline or diesel cannot just arrive into the combustion chamber simply by gravity, much less to drip. In fact, an injector is designed to “nebulize” and not to sprinkle the fuel; this is because nebulization allows a much more precise and comprehensive spreading of fuel, but this assumes that the fuel was put into pressure. In fact, the highest the pressure the easiest it will be to get precise and sequential injections (not to mention the pre-injections and post-injections). Read more »

KRIOS Leak stop


For professional use only

Do not use on hermetically sealed systems.

For your own safety always use safety glasses Read more »

Mechanical Pumps

That pump technology was abandoned by the manufacturers, but the mechanical pumps are not abandoned by the owners of the cars which are using them to ‘feed’ their carburetors. Read more »