EGR Valve 7518136

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We often receive complaints about this motorized throttle model. The most common complaints are the following:

  • The vehicle gets into recovery mode
  • Incorrect function of the thottle unit
  • Error P0638 occurs “throttle valve control – open circuit”

These defects can not be attributed to a manufacturing defect of the motorized throttle valve, which is built with the quality standard of an original equipment product.

If you experience the above problems it is advisable to firstly perform the following type of testing:

  • CHECK THAT YOU HAVE RUN THE INITIALIZATION PARTICULARLY BY THE CONTROL UNIT: the ECU must “recognize” the new piece and clear the error generated from the previous one. If you simply install the new throttle valve without initializing it, the ECU will continue to only recognize the previous throttle valve. As a result, the vehicle will not get out of the recovery mode.
  • CHECK CAREFULLY THAT WIRING HAS BEEN PROPERLY CONNECTED DURING INSTALLATION: In fact, in the first production series the motorized throttle installed was WAHLER branded. Since 2009 it was replaced with a Pierburg or a Marelli model of this valve, for original equipent and for the aftermarket. In any case the WAHLER valve installed until 2009, can be replaced with PIERBURG and MARELLI models using an adapter cable (which we provide with the valve). This wiring is necessary because the number of pins on the two models is different. It is essential to use this extension; otherwise the component will fail to function.
  • CHECK THE PRESENCE OF WATER AND SLUDGE: due to the mounting position of the valve, it is possible that in certain cases water and dirt could get inside the electronic circuit, causing irreversible damage to the internal circuits. If with a visual inspection traces of oxidation appear (on the connector pins and wiring), it means that the wiring is damaged, and it will be necessary to proceed with its replacement. The cable adapter is provided with sealing to protect connections from the water.

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