Parking Sensors

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HOFFER recently added to its wide range of sensors, a new category, the parking assistance sensors. This type of sensor is normally mounted on the front and the rear bumpers of vehicles, already as first equipment and operates with radar technology.

With the vehicle maneuvering at low speeds, parking sensors measure distances using ultrasound and they produce an intermittent warning tone in the cockpit audible by the driver: The closer the vehicle is to the obstacle, the shorter will be the signal intervals. When the distance, between the vehicle and the obstacle, becomes smaller than 30 cm the intermittent signal becomes continuous, alerting the driver for imminent impact.

In vehicles equipped with an infotainment screen also appears on the screen a schematic outline of the obstacle and its actual distance from the vehicle while maneuvering. In certain vehicles of premium segment, the sensors work in synergy with the perimetrical cameras, offering the driver the ability to make even more precise maneuvering.

Since these sensors are equivalent to those that are mounted as original equipment,

HOFFER parking sensors are not universal.

They are instead paintable, to allow their mounting on bumpers of any color.

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